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Hybrid Martial Arts is an elite training facility that enables individuals to attain their goals whether competitive or of a noncompetitive nature.  We strive to enhance the fundamental skills of every student, so that it facilitates the ability for goal attainment. Sean Stefanic is a 8x World Champion, 3x Gold Medalist in Kickboxing, 3x time Hall of Fame Inductee, and the holder of four blackbelts, which enhances his ability to teach students high quality skills that transfer into every day life both physically and mentally! He has trained students that have fought in the UFC, on Team USA, Kickboxing and Muay Thai World and National Champions and jiujitsu tournament champions. The martial arts instilled at Hybrid allow kids and adults the ability to become better people, and that inevitably showcases the primary reason why we are in business today!



Personal Training

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Tournaments and Fights

Karate Tournaments for youth and adults as well as MMA matches for 18+.


Regular classes: $109.00 per month - Monday through Thursday Classes

Family Classes: $199.00 per month - Monday though Thursday Classes

Premier Package: $199.00 per month - adds 1 private lesson per week for one

Premier Family: $299.00 - adds one private lesson per week for family

Private Lessons: $199.00 per month - 1 per week



324 North Ashland Avenue

Lexington Ky,

Phone: 1-859-221-5852

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